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  • Just a hospital plan or full medical aid cover.
  • Unlimited cover for certain chronic diseases (PMBs).
  • Pregnancy and childbirth (maternity) benefits.
  • HIV and pre-existing diseases covered after 12 months
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SA Hospital Plan (South Africa)

Hospital plans are a popular form of medical aid option and insurance cover in South Africa. The term hospital plan can be quite misleading on its own. It needs to be clearly differentiated between a medical aid hospital plan and a hospital cash back plan. Medical aid hospital plans are essentially medical aids that only cover the in-hospital costs and usually chronic medication as well. Hospital cash back plans pay cash to the insured for every day in hospital and is a form of personal cover rather than medical cover.

SA Hospital Plan is a comprehensive resource on different facets of both medical aid hospital plans and hospital cash back plans. Our database of articles are intended to educate readers on the different types of cover, benefits and common issues experienced by members.


SA Hospital Plan is not a medical aid or insurance provider and all concerns regarding these financial products should be directed at the company and the Council for Medical Schemes or South African Insurance Association.